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Four Benefits of Installing Solar Hot Water Heaters

Four Benefits Of Installing Solar Hot Water Heaters

As a certified VELUX Solar Specialist, at Cardinal Heating & AC have helped many people in their transition to solar heating. If you’re considering a switch, take a look at the top four reasons more people move to solar every year. Embrace Environmental Benefits Of Solar Climate change is a hot topic, causing many people

HVAC Stats and Facts For Homeowners

  How often do you have your unit serviced? We recommend you do it at least once year, most manufacturers require you to have a service ticket twice a year to keep your warranty valid. Call us today to make sure your system is running at peak performance, and you can start saving now.

Fun Things to do Around Seattle this 4th of July

Cardinal Heating & A/C has put together a list of some of the things to do around town this 4th of July. It’s not an exhaustive list but if you’re looking for something fun to do, we’ve got you covered. Fourth of July Splash The City of Kent is providing a full day of fun

Smart Thermostats – Yes, Another Smart Device is a Good Thing

  Essentially the thermostat, whether it is smart or not, has one function: to control the temperature in your home. Whether it’s a mechanical one, or a new smart thermostat, that is its one job. How and when it performs that job though is what can have a large impact on your electric bill. Traditional

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Costs of Home Heating with Electricity, Gas, & Oil

But for some isolated pockets of rural areas in the US, heating your home will be done in one of three ways, by gas, electricity, or oil. Each of these heating energy sources have their own costs, method efficiencies, and equipment costs. Heating Costs: Electricity, Gas, & Oil. There are a huge number of variables

Cardinal -- Extreme Weather -- 03-17-16

How Extreme Weather Could Be Affecting Your Home’s Air Quality

Extreme weather is becoming more and more normal, from more severe hurricanes to droughts, floods, heat waves, and serious cold spells. No matter where you live, chances are you are experiencing more extreme weather events, and they could be changing the quality of the air you and your family breathe in your home. Pollen, Mold,

A Brief History of Air Conditioning

Did you know that people have been coming up with novel ways to keep cool for millennia? Your current whole-home air conditioner may be a modern convenience, but it is just the latest in a long line of cooling innovations. How did our ancestors stay cool in the summer and in hot climates? Take a

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Do Programmable Thermostats Really Benefit Me?

When used wisely, programmable thermostats can save you both hassle and money. Compared with manual thermostats, the programmable variety lets you preset options, so you don’t have to be present in order to change the level of heating and cooling. Benefits of Programmable Thermostats Programmable thermostats have a variety of features and functions, all of

Cardinal Heating -- Geothermal Myths -- 02-15-16

The Top 8 Geothermal Heating and Cooling Myths

Would it surprise you to learn that a geothermal heat pump system could cut your home’s energy bills by as much as 80 percent? Geothermal HVAC technology is relatively simple but highly effective, and those who choose to install a geothermal system to meet their heating and cooling needs seldom if ever come to regret

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Benefits of Financing Your New Heating and Cooling System

Sometimes heating and cooling systems break down at inconvenient times, and many homeowners haven’t been able to set aside enough money for such an expense. When you finance your heating and cooling system, you can get what you need right away, while being able to make comfortable payments toward your investment. How Financing Your Heating