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Cardinal -- Extreme Weather -- 03-17-16

How Extreme Weather Could Be Affecting Your Home’s Air Quality

Extreme weather is becoming more and more normal, from more severe hurricanes to droughts, floods, heat waves, and serious cold spells. No matter where you live, chances are you are experiencing more extreme weather events, and they could be changing the quality of the air you and your family breathe in your home. Pollen, Mold,

A Brief History of Air Conditioning

Did you know that people have been coming up with novel ways to keep cool for millennia? Your current whole-home air conditioner may be a modern convenience, but it is just the latest in a long line of cooling innovations. How did our ancestors stay cool in the summer and in hot climates? Take a

Cardinal Heating -- Programmable Thermostats -- 02-15-16

Do Programmable Thermostats Really Benefit Me?

When used wisely, programmable thermostats can save you both hassle and money. Compared with manual thermostats, the programmable variety lets you preset options, so you don’t have to be present in order to change the level of heating and cooling. Benefits of Programmable Thermostats Programmable thermostats have a variety of features and functions, all of

Cardinal Heating -- Geothermal Myths -- 02-15-16

The Top 8 Geothermal Heating and Cooling Myths

Would it surprise you to learn that a geothermal heat pump system could cut your home’s energy bills by as much as 80 percent? Geothermal HVAC technology is relatively simple but highly effective, and those who choose to install a geothermal system to meet their heating and cooling needs seldom if ever come to regret

Cardinal Heating -- Financing -- 02-15-16

Benefits of Financing Your New Heating and Cooling System

Sometimes heating and cooling systems break down at inconvenient times, and many homeowners haven’t been able to set aside enough money for such an expense. When you finance your heating and cooling system, you can get what you need right away, while being able to make comfortable payments toward your investment. How Financing Your Heating


Benefits of Controlling Indoor Air Quality

The average person spends about 90 percent of their time breathing indoor air, so it is critical to make sure that your indoor air quality (IAQ) is high. Installing an indoor air quality monitor can help to ensure that the air you breathe won’t damage your health or your home, and can even help your

Cardinal -- Carrier Cor -- 02-18-16

All About Carrier Cor Thermostats

The Cor thermostat from Carrier is an internet-enabled smart thermostat that allows you to monitor and manage your home temperature anytime and anywhere through your PC or mobile device. Smart thermostats like the Cor can lead to significant energy savings thanks to their ability to adapt to your home, your climate and weather, and your

cardinal heating -- Duct Cleaning -- Blog Image -- 02-10-16

Do Your Ducts Really Need Cleaning? Only You Can Decide

A mild bit of controversy surrounds the practice of HVAC ductwork cleaning. The EPA, for example, is relatively non-committal on the subject, but their website makes it clear they are skeptical of its utility in most instances. No one disputes that contaminated ductwork can spread dust, dirt, pollen and microbial agents through open registers, and


Why Controlling Dry Air in Your Home is a Good Idea

Have you noticed the air inside your home has become very dry? If so it would not be surprising, since the cold temperatures of winter tend to suck all the moisture out of the surrounding atmosphere. The same problem also occurs in arid climates where rainfall is absent much of the time. Overly dry air


Why You Should be Cautious about Bargain HVAC Repairs

You love a good bargain and are reluctant to pass one up when you see it. But the term ‘bargain’ is relative. No matter how cheap the upfront cost nothing is a bargain if you have to pay and pay and pay again farther down the line. This, unfortunately, is what could very well happen