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Winter Weather Projections for the Puget Sound

Though fall has just arrived, it is never too early to begin preparing yourself and your home for winter in the Puget Sound. Looking at the winter weather projections for 2016 will help you better understand what type of weather you need to prepare for. Below, we will take a look at what types of weather and winter temperatures you can expect as well as what measures you can take to prepare your family and your home for the winter weather that is expected in the Puget Sound.

Preparing for Winter in the Puget Sound

Winter will be here sooner than you realize. It is important to look at projections for what temperatures and weather will be like in the Puget Sound, so that we can begin to prepare ourselves for the winter season. The best way to avoid being left out in the cold is to make sure that your home and HVAC system is ready for winter.

Winter Weather Projections for the Puget Sound

According to AccuWeather, in the beginning of winter, average highs will be between 44 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit with average low temperatures between 32 and 36 degrees. As we move into January and February, average high temperatures will be in the high 40s, lower 50s with average low temperatures around 36 or 37 degrees.

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect this winter in the Puget Sound, it is time to discuss how you can go about preparing your home for the winter season. Here are just a few ways that you can stay warm this winter by prepping your home in fall:

  • Make sure your heating system is working properly. It’s important to test your heating system before the weather starts getting colder. Turn on the heat to ensure that the system is working properly. It should not be vibrating heavily, making loud noises, or emit any burning smells. If it does, turn the system off and call an HVAC technician for an inspection.
  • Get an HVAC tune-up before winter. Much like a car or truck, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to continue running smoothly and efficiently. Many homeowners choose to get their annual tune-up right before winter when they know that their system will be working hard. During the tune-up, your HVAC technician will make sure the system is clean and well-oiled while looking for potential issues.
  • Repair any poor insulation in your home. Inspect your doors and windows for cracks, leaks, and gaps. Make sure these are sealed before winter gets here. Poor insulation allows the heat to escape from your home, which increases energy usage and your electricity bill. It can also make your HVAC system work harder than necessary to keep your home warm, causing wear and tear to the system’s parts.

If you need help preparing your heating system for the winter season, call us today. We can help make sure that you are not left in the cold this season by inspecting your unit and performing an annual tune-up.

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